About myself!

My name ist Bernd Naumann. Ive been working with Reptiles for 50 years. I live in Germany, in the town of Guedesweiler, in the township of Oberthal, in the state of Saarland.

I build my terrariums to create (as close as possible) a natural habitat for each individual Reptile. This makes it easyer to study them in there own environment, also Reptiles that are held in captivity are more likely to breed when they feel at home. In 1972 I made a 2 m x 2 m terrarium with a natural Clay bottom for rattlesnakes. Instead I placed some Uromastyx acanthinurus from Marocco in it. In a short time they dug themselves deep tunnels and disappeared. After this time I couldnt be sure of the number or the condition of them anymore. So you can imagine my surprise when in Oct. 19774 young Uromastyx started to appear in the terrarium.

Up until this date of time the Uromastyx have never successfully been breed in captivity. This was a first. From that day on they have reproduced year for year. I have traded the young Uromastyx for other Reptiles. Today you will find the descendents, and there offspring in many zoological gardens around the world. Some of the older ones still have at home.Because of this trading I became the opportunity to get several pairs of Helodermas from a foreign Zoo. I had the wish to get a breeding group. because the habitat of these poisonous lizards are close to those of the Uromasty. After i became the German import permits the Helodermas were shipped to me. A year later the breeding was a succes.

Questions at : NaumannBernd@t-online.de